GOD SAVE THE QWEENS was born on October 1, 2007.   I wouldn't call it a boutique because that sounds so pretty & expensive, two things I certainly am not.  But when doing business with me, you support a truly independent, hard-working, small business owner.  If you're ever in New Hope, stop in to say Hi! and surprise me with an ice cold PBR or other libation thanks.

I was turned on to the whole punk/alternative scene around 1983 when I hit 7th grade.  I personally order each item and do my best to not carry anything I wouldn't represent, wear or listen to myself.  Many of the items  are made in limited quantities, which means when they’re gone, they’re gone - so email, ask questions, check availability, etc.   Also, special orders are always welcome.
A few of the things I carry:  punk rock t-shirts from infants to adults, vintage Dr. Martens,
a huge selection of Nightmare Before Christmas, hair dye, wigs, collectible toys & action figures…AND I’m proud to be the only official brick & mortar store for Ween merchandise - in the WORLD yo.



-Meshell Kimbel

September 2010